Say it with Cross Stitch - New Valentine's Range

Say it with Cross Stitch - New Valentine's Range

With Valentine's Day approaching I thought I'd take you through some of our Valentine's themed kits. These would make a lovely gift that could be extra special if you sew it yourself. While these kits are suitable for beginners, they are a bit more challenging, with some backstitch and fractional stitches.

Rose Cross Stitch Kit

This is a favourite of mine because it turned out so realistic looking for a relatively simple pattern - I loved how to colours blended together, although it did take a couple of test sews to get right. This is the easiest of our Valentine's range with full cross stitches only. It has 8 colours and comes with a 4 inch hoop. It is great value for money too - at the time of writing it is priced just under £10 - cheaper than real roses and it will last forever!

'Bee Mine' Honeycomb Heart Cross Stitch Kit

This is a brand new cute and quirky kit to raise a chuckle with its 'Bee Mine' pun. This is a bit more of an intermediate kit as the honeycomb pattern can be a bit tricky to follow - I kept losing my place - I recommend doing the text first then the honeycomb heart outline first before filling in the middle. If you mark off your progress on the pattern as you go along that should keep you on track. This kit also includes an easier alternative with black text, avoiding the white on white stitching and the backstitch. I love how this one turned out though and it hangs proudly on my wall. The kit comes with everything you need and a 5 inch hoop.

'You Rock' Guitar Cross Stitch Kit

For the rockstar in your life! This is an old pattern that I haven't had available for sale in a while as I had to convert it to DMC threads - I have also revamped the pattern a bit and it now comes with a 5 inch hoop. There is an alternative version of the pattern included without the 'You Rock' in case you want it on your wall without the affirmation! This pattern is quite an easy stitch, there are just some fractional stitches and backstitch for the musical notes.

Anglerfish Cross Stitch Kit

Anglerfish are pretty ugly things - I don't think this one is too bad but it makes quite a funny Valentine's Day present. Interesting facts about anglerfish - only the female anglerfish have the 'torch' and the males can't survive without the females - they are parasitic and attach themselves to the female!

This kit comes with a 6 inch hoop and is a very easy to follow pattern. It is all full cross stitches with a bit of optional backstitch on the fins.


I hope these kits provide a different option for Valentine's gifts or why not just treat yourself to something (let's face it, you get better gifts that way!). Check out our whole range of cross stitch kits here.

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